November Rain (and update)

Alas, if only it were just rain. The snow has already begun to fall here, and the coldward part of the Great Mother will soon enter its slumber and awaken to a new Turning.

In the meantime, Dreaming Door Studios is hard at work on the expansion of Golden Treasure: The Great Green. Entitled Time of Creation, it adds several new events to Part 3 of the game in which the player has opportunities to help forge the next generation of the Draak-Kin. Are you worthy of performing the sacred Dance of Creation, and if so, whom might you choose (and who might choose you)?

We are also working quite hard on our custom event creator. This tool will allow others to create, edit and implement their own wondrous encounters. We’ll share more details on that in the coming weeks, as well as on how the expansion will be available and for what price. (It will certainly not be more than $5 American, but we are still considering the minutiae.)

While we had hoped to have it ready for all of our beloved Dreamers at the end of October, Life once again decided to interfere. Our writer/director was out of commission for over a month, pushing the release date back at least to the end of November accordingly. Rest assured that no time is being wasted!

To help ease the pain, here is a sneak peek at the art for the first event of the Time of Creation. When you witness this in your journey, you will know that the Time has come!

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Art by the inimitable Sam Olson.