The Time of Creation Approaches!

In Golden Treasure: The Great Green, there exists no shortage of things to Destroy. Goodbeasts, No-Tails, dominions, possibilities… Destruction is an unavoidable fact of existence for any Draak-Kin.

But every Kin also knows that Destruction is but one aspect of Life. What of its mirror-mate, Creation? What of making new experiences, perspectives, works of art, and even new Draak-Kin? Only those who dare to Create shall touch the Time-shadowed realm beyond their own existence.

It is therefore with pride and excitement that Dreaming Door Studios announces its upcoming expansion for Golden Treasure: The Great Green. Entitled Time of Creation, it will add exciting new features and encounters to the open-world narrative exploration and adventure game.

Time of Creation will add several new events to Part 3 in which the player can experience their first mating season as a mature Draak. Never-before-seen dragons join with long-time rivals in seeking to create the next generation of the True Children of Above and Below. Will you be able to prove your worth and win a chance to perform the sacred Dance of Creation? New hand-painted events and a new Tarot Card await those bold and wise enough to find the best mate with whom to continue the ancient legacy of the Kin.

But this is only the beginning! From the first days of development, we have dreamed of others being able to create and share their own stories of the Draak with us. Over the next few moons, we will endeavor to finish work on a set of tools allowing others to modify the game with new events, art and encounters, or even to make their own entirely new sagas using the Golden Treasure framework.

We hope to have this new expansion released by the end of October, 2019. Further details shall emerge in the coming weeks.

You are a Creator. The potential to reveal new aspects of Reality has always slept within you. What will you bring forth from yourself? What new journeys will spring from your own? Be not afraid; to Create is noble, natural and beautiful, and the Time of Creation is coming!


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