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Golden Treasure: The Great Green

A game about the dragon within us all. Become Draak, and rejoice. · By Dreaming Door


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November Rain (and update)
Alas, if only it were just rain. The snow has already begun to fall here, and the coldward part of the Great Mother will soon enter its slumber and awaken to a...
The Time of Creation Approaches!
In Golden Treasure: The Great Green , there exists no shortage of things to Destroy. Goodbeasts, No-Tails, dominions, possibilities… Destruction is an unavoid...
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Hand-Painted Dragon RPG "Golden Treasure" now on sale - free demo available!
Having achieved 100% positive reviews on Steam, this groundbreaking game about life as a dragon on ancient Earth is now available on Itch! See for yourself why...
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Golden Treasure: The Great Green Mac Demo available!
Golden Treasure: The Great Green, a game about being a dragon and seeing the world through new eyes, is now available for MacOS! Mac users can now experience th...
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